So You’re Looking For Funding?

So You’re Looking For Funding?

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  1. Coming through the pandemic has been the most difficult time many business owners will experience in their careers and its important that that any assistance that was available has been taken advantage of. At Nutshell we always research if addiditonaal funding is available for our clients and the first port of call should be the business owners bank. Unfortunately many banks are now saying “no” even to their long established and loyal business customers.

    The team at Nutshell can provide assistance in the following areas to help when clients find them selves in this situation:

    An assessment of your financial position and funding requirements
    Development of your business plan with financial and other supporting information
    Identification of the finance products that are appropriate for your business, including both debt and equity products
    Coaching and mentoring to develop an investment proposition and pitch presentation
    Introductions to suitable finance providers including business angels
    Introductions to other business support and financial service providers
    Support at meetings with lenders and investors

    Please reach out to us if you feel we can help and lets have an informal chat.

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