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Merchant Services

 Connecting your business to local, national and international customers the world over.

Desktop Card Machine

  • Fixed at the checkout
  • Extremely quick, robust and simple to use
  • Plug into your phone or broadband
  • Smart design

Portable Card Machine

  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Roam throughout your premises your premises
  • Ergonomic, compact and easy to carry
  • 300-foot range
  • Excellent battery life

Mobile Card Machine

  • Take payments anywhere there is a mobile signal
  • Sturdy design
  • Ergonomic, compact and easy to carry
  • Excellent long battery life



Allow your customers to pay you via PayPal, Skrill, Google Pay and numerous other alternative payment methods.


Allow your customers to pay you in multiple currencies while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates.


All accounts supplied with prepaid MasterCard ©. Personal accounts opened within 48 hrs and corporate accounts within 72 hrs.

Open your business to the numerous payment methods now available

Simply link your website to Nutshell's fully PCI compliant and regulated payment gateway to open up your website to a global audience giving you the ability to accept payments in any currency and via the numerous alternative payment methods now available to consumers


Free integration and Nutshell only charge a small fee per transaction...simple and transparent multi-currency payment processing

Nutshell allows you to process in excess of over 120 currencies around the world thereby opening your business to a global audience.

Your Nutshell portal gives you access to incredibly valuable reporting and transaction management tools to enhance your insight into your customers buying habits:


Our guarantee - Nutshell Money will never share your information with any third party without your express approval.


 A chargeback is basically when your customer disputesyour charge on their credit or debit card.

The customer must have a valid reason for this such as a product or service dispute, they don’t recognise the charge on their statement to basically “friendly fraud”, where the customer is just trying to get their money back for no valid reason.



If your customers bank decides to refund the money, you as the merchant, receive a chargeback. This is annoying in itself but a chargeback is not just a refund of the original transaction, it comes with a fine, may involve the loss of goods or services and also counts towards your “chargeback ratio”.

if your ratio gets above 1%, banks will look at your risk profile and you may lose your facility to accept card payments.


To protect you from this, Nutshell ensure our technology is integrated with the latest fraud protection tools. An example of this is FRAUDefenderr, a Visa Certified VMPI Facilitator and one of the original service providers of the VROL System. This industry leading software monitors numerous banking networks and immediately notifies us when a chargeback is raised by the customer. This gives then gives our merchants advance warning and therefore ability to resolve the situation before the full chargeback process begins.

Our Fraud Protection

Virtual terminals

What is a Virtual Terminal?

The Virtual terminal solution is ideal for businesses who would like to collect payments over the phone. Nutshell create the portal for you and you simply have it live on your desktop or mobile device ready to input clients details. Nutshell ensure you are complying with all the data protection regulations because you are inputting the data onto our servers. Simple, safe and secure.

Payment Process

Simply enter your client’s credit card details into the web-based payment interface. After the transaction is approved, the client immediately receives your personalised payment receipt via email or SMS, adding that personal touch.

Link to Pay

LinktoPay is your fully PCI compliant and secure method of accepting your customers card payments. Via your Nutshell log in panel, you create an email or SMS message requesting payment and then send via email and/or SMS. Your customer immediately receives the link which takes them to a payment page branded in your company name and already filled out with their details and payment amount. Your customer simply inputs their card details and submits to process the payment. On successful payment your client receives an email confirmation and receipt thanking them for the payment.


Nutshell then deduct a small fee for processing the transaction and the payment is then forwarded to your nominated account allowing you instant access to your money. Simple, safe and secure.

Prepaid Mastercard© accounts

Take control of your business spend with Nutshell’s flexible pre-paid card accounts.

Each account is linked to a physical or virtual pre-paid Mastercard© available to use where ever you see the Mastercard© logo.

  • Allows you to supply individual Mastercard’s cards© to individuals giving you complete control over how, where and ultimately how much each individual card can spend. Set budgets and control spending before it happens.


  • Nutshell’s flexible prepaid solution ensures you do not require to go through the cumbersome and limiting credit checks that hinder your ability to control your cashflow and finances.


  • Register and be up and running within 24 hours.


  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports can easily be imported into all major accounting software.


  • A comprehensive range of payment services for individuals and companies alike


  • See spending in real time on the web console for admins and employees. View balances and manage cards on the intuitive web apps.


  • Zero fees for domestic transactions and a simple 1% fee for FX if needed.


  • Free & unlimited amount of transactions


  • Allocating money to your cards is free and available to spend instantly. Hold the money in your master account and only allocate when you decide or set up automatic top ups. The freedom and control are yours.


Simple, safe and secure

Multi-currency bank accounts

To open your Nutshell multi-currency account simply:


Sign up on the website and allow us to verify a few details about you or your business.


  • Activate your account and then select the currencies you wish to activate.


  • Simple, safe and secure. Allowing you to start saving money on international money transfers and taking control of your money movements from start to finish.

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